The North Lauderdale Water Association (NLWA) was founded in 1966 and originally consisted of a single well that pumped 250 gallons per minute, one iron removal filter, two 200,000-gallon storage tanks, and 62 miles of distribution pipelines. Today NLWA comprises 5 active wells, 4 treatment plants, and 4 tanks with the capacity to treat and deliver more than 3 million gallons per day and store 1 million gallons. NLWA currently distributes treated water through 800 miles of pipeline to nearly 4,000 metered connections (~ 10,000 people) including 3,970 households, 6 schools, Okatibbee Water Park and the Van Zyverden bulb plant. We draw our water from the Lower Wilcox aquifer at depths between 450 and 650 feet. The water is naturally high in iron content (3-4 ppm), and removing iron is the principal challenge for our plants. Our mission is to consistently deliver high quality water to our members.